Wednesday, September 26, 2007

ယေန႔ ရရွိေသာ sms မ်ား

3:05:41 pm - They r start to fight n hit to people n monks in Shwe Dagon Pagoda.

3:15:44 pm - Please write in to UN ( from our own mail account. (Subject: HELP BURMA). Please forward this msg to ur friend.

5:16:15 pm - Blood has been splash and life has been losed. Let's do what we can by gathering this Saturday at the Burmese Temple around 6pm and pray for those fighting their lives in Burma.Please forward this message to those around you. Please do a part that you can.

5:46:28 pm - Government shoot monks at Shwe Gone Tine & a monk passed away on the spot. Daw Kyine Kyine & her family members are at Singapore but don't know where they stay. If u have any information, pls alert to all Myanmar. (Pls this sms to all Myanmar)

5:46:57 pm - Kyant Phonts are beating monks at East Entrance of Shwe Dagon. Pls denounce them to your friends.

6:38:24 pm - Singapore Gov prohibit from proteseting. But do u have gut to do? Why people r risking their lives in MM for protesting? What about us?

7:01:17 pm - Let's find out. Let's make the final. Let's finish the military rule that spoiled our lives! Let's unite in this time! The time cannot get anymore if gone! Let's show that how brave we are!!!

07:01:25 pm - The address should be .Pls visit the website .And Pls send request UN to take necessary action before there are more casualities. And Pls forward it.

08:18:08 pm - FW: Hi all Myanmar ppl. One Myanmar monk wanna send $ to Myanmar n asked Taw Win Shop in Peninsula. But idiot owner said "I dont want to send any amount to any Temple". Pls FWD n Ban from this shop.

08:41:52 pm - Pls call 549193. It is the station which changes the monks IC to human IC. to catch to send to jail.

08:56:47 pm - Than Shwe's wife is now at Choa Chu Kang. Pls forward that sms 2 all Myanmar.

08:57:40 pm - In support of our incredibly brave friends in Burma: May all people around the world wear a Red shirt on Friday, Sept 28. Pls forward it.

10:21:39 pm - Detail is Choa Chu Kang, Block-353, #08-311. Daw kk's family live.

10:38:53 pm - Appeal to the UN security council to protect the people of Burma, please sign at
Pls help forward to ur friends also.

11:24:59 pm - 93396324 is DKK's hp no. Pls forward this sms.


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